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Use this Mantra each morning to find purpose, grace, and serenity in your day.

I am happy today. For this day is my day.

The time ahead is a gift to me and my loved ones.

Knowing that Time is out of my control, I will cherish each moment.
For each moment is a gift I am thankful for.

I do not know what adventure lies ahead, though the journey will bring me happiness.

I will focus on my strengths and provide them as gifts to all around me.

I will allow others to focus on my weaknesses and guide me where I fail.

I will be aware of all my senses today.

I will be gentle, yet firm with everything my hands touch.

I will remember silence is powerful with my voice. My voice will be told through my actions first and my tongue last. I will use a soothing tone when communicating whether through action, tongue or texting.

My ears will be alert and patient when others grace me with their spoken wisdom.

My eyes will be child-like today. I will remember to see the world for the first time.

I will taste the sweetness of life in every bite. I will thank the world for its nourishment and remind myself at each meal that food is a gift to me. I will use this nourishment to make the world a better place and tread more lightly than I did before.

I will fill my lungs with fresh air and let my body fill with oxygen – the fuel of life. I will take long & slow breaths that are not forced and let life flow through me, just as I do in this moment.

I will let my heart express with passion today. For this day is my canvas.

My actions today will paint my vision for all to see.

Carpe Diem

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