Aphrodisiac Foods

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Tantalizing Effects. All these ingredients can generate tantalizing effects on the arts of love. Yes, they are called aphrodisiac foods. You can find foods that stimulate eroticism and may increase sexual appetite.

Even if you are going through a rocky mountain with your lover, this will help. Sex and Rich Food. It is known that there are foods that are characterized by a high proportion of calories and energy elements that,

in combination with a special atmosphere and a tantalizing proposition can extract the best of the two largest earthly pleasures: sex and rich foods. The Best Spices for Love. Here, we tell you about the best spices for love:

Asparagus, bananas, honey, almond, chocolate, avocado, basil, figs, and garlic. Among the dried fruit, almonds are a traditional symbol of fertility and according to Ross Bridgeford (Alkaline Diet Coach); almond smell induces passion in female. The aphrodisiac effect of avocado focuses on seeds.

It is recommended to let them soften in milk and then eat them as it enhances virility. Overall, all those ingredients can act like stimulants of the nervous system. The Stars of Aphrodisiac Food. As you can tell, herbs and spices are the stars. All you need to do is sprinkle a little bit there and add a pinch here and everything takes on a different color.

For example, the traditional culture of Haiti has a legend regarding the basil. As the story goes, the goddess of love conquers over a thousand men through this aromatic plant. So, girls: you might want to consider it! Strong Temptation. Is there anything more tempting than chocolate? Cocoa contains elements that are highly stimulants,

such as theobromine and feneletiamina and their effects occur, especially with regard to the mental faculties, as it helps to fight fatigue and tones the nervous system. In this sense, also the carrot as well as being good for the skin – reconstituted the nervous system and stimulates nerve impulses, triggering sexual responses.

Wrapping it up, do not forget the above secrets that will surely make you vibrate with your lover. Do not forget that the main aphrodisiac is the mind, especially in women. consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt.

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